What I do

Focused on solving company’s business goals through elegant, custom design.   Designing experiences and solutions to make your job easier.

App Design

Got an app for that? Well if not‚ I can design a beautiful user interface for your iOS or Android mobile app.

UX/UI Design

Improve your users satisfaction by making your website easy & intuitive to use. Happy users equal happy customers.

Web Dev. 

Using the latest technologies I can build your site in clean and compliant code that search engines will love.

Extended services include brand guidelines, logos, ads, multimedia, print materials, event design

(Event identities, websites, signage, banners, event collateral)

The process

Customized to meet your needs

Meet, Learn, Research, Understand, Analyse


Collect requirements and details from customer/Stakeholders.  Research data and analyse the market research results and create a design plan.


Use Cases, Processes, 


Design Concepts


Create wireframes, use case scenarios, conceptual layouts and low or high fidelity prototypes.  Influence design decisions and work with dev. teams.


Design Handover, Communicate, Monitor, Visual Design


Work closely with the dev. team to resolve implementation issues.  Collect feedback on design.  Translate effectivily and maintain constant communication with the developers


Usability Testing, Verification, Design Quality Check, Approval


Design & conduct comprehensive usability tests on the product and provide recommendations for the refinements in the next version release.  

I am

Natalie Miller, an award winning multi-disciplinary designer and digital artist,  creating for more than a decade.

Being creative is my passion.  Each day, I try to make the web a better place and consider myself fortunate to work on such interesting endeavors while helping (and getting to know) a myriad of great people along the way.  Being committed to my craft, I treat each and every project like a new challenge.  Whether you need a basic web presence, or want help innovating a new app idea, I’ve got the experience, expertise, and work ethic you seek.


I’ve been developing online for over 20 years and understand the needs of clients, agencies and techies alike, always drawing inspiration from the latest technologies and design trends.  If you’re not sure of what you need, we should talk…  I pride myself in being able to add value to any project, big or small.


I can:  illustrate, outline and hightlight | explain, elaborate or condencecreate moods, evoke images and give thoughts shape |  change minds, provoke discussion or simply inform | move, motivate and communicate | design and committed

"Design is the silent ambassador of your brand."

- Paul Rand


key elements of my work

providing quality

What I do, I do well. Everything I create needs to work as expected, and exceed my client's goals, 100% of the time.


I do this because I love it. I put in the extra effort on every project because taking pride in my work is more important than the bottom line.



We are never done learning, and can always improve. Egos are simply not allowed.

being unique

Have fun, and be a little eccentric. That's what makes us and our work memorable.


The best products are a result of collaboration internally and with the clients. There is no one person who has all the answers.


Take responsibility for the work, no one else is going to do it for you. Own up to mistakes, and praise others for good work.

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